menu If you're having troubles seeing the above menu see the new Site Map for viewable buttons. September 2nd, 2007, 9:58 pm----------------------Posted by: TKTOWA
Hey guys. Sorry I haven't updated since forever ago. Today I bring you two comics that were made at the last LAN party. I doubt Pure Caffeine will be receiving any more updates. There's a number of reasons why:
-Lack of enthusiasm
-Lack of people availability
-No digital camera(it was stolen)

I'm really sorry to those who enjoyed PC. It definitely got way more attention that I had ever thought. I really love the fans that we had, you guys are what kept it going this long and I truly appreciate your interest in this webcomic. We reached a decent comic number of 190. Breaking 200 would've been cool but I think we did okay. I know I also promised a game but unfortunately I couldn't get anyone involved in it except myself and didn't feel that was fair. I'll release the demo I prepared for you guys and if I get enough feedback, maybe I'll finish it alone when I replace my camera.

I haven't left the comedy scene yet, though. Some of you may or may not know that I've been participating in a random/stupid humor webisode series called "A Humble Humble Series". The humor is similar to the comics with Harlan in it. The episodes are the adventures of two crazy, random kids, one of which being me. If you liked the Harlan comics, or want to see what the head of PC is doing now, check out . If you want to contact me for any reason I can be found at or trunksbreifs[at] I hope to hear from someone, if anyone even checks back here anymore :P.
Oh yeah, the demo I promised is done uploading.

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